Universal aldehyde resin series
Aldehydes ketones resin
HZ-001 hydroxyl vinyl chloride-acetate tripolymer
HZ-002 carboxyl vinyl chloride-acetate tripolymer
HZ-110 Resin used as plastic coating
HZ-170 Resin used on tobacco packaging ink
HZ-520 Resin used as adhesion of nylon

Aldehydes ketones resin

·Product characteristics
Aldehydes and ketones resin (also known as polyketide resin,ketone-formaldehyde resin) is one high-brightness,light-fastness of the neutral,non-saponification-based cyclohexanoene-formal-dehyde resin.
AK resin chemical structure gives it a special quality and characteristics,the resin formate the saturated ring structure in the condensation phase,that make resin produce high gloss, hardness, anti-degradation,and weather resistance.As a result of this resin in the structure of non-ester, which has good water resistance,the primary key contains a lot of the cyclohexyl-so that it will have heat resistance.
In addition,the keto group and hydroxy group make them have a wide range of polarity solubility and miscibility,as well as the a good paint wettability and adhesion.Therefore,AK resin not only have compound with larger polarity,but also with less polarity,are fit for the majority of inks, coatings and adhesive systems to improve ink,paint,and the quick-drying adhesive and gloss, adhesion, mobility,pigment wetting and solid content as the ideal matching of the ink,paint and adhesives raw materials.
Aldehydes and ketones resin can be dissolved in common solvents for the coatings industry except water and aliphatic hydrocarbons,such as alcohols,ketones,esters,ethers and their mixtures, etc. Aldehydes ketones resin have good compatibility with other resins and plasticizers SUCH AS epoxy resin,phenylethylene modified alkyd resin,urea resin,rosin resin,phenolic resin,polyamide resin, amino resin,maleic resin,maleic anhydride resin,maleic anhydride resin,saturated polyester resin, acrylic resin,phenylethylene-acrylic resin,vinyl resin,nitryl cellulose,chlorinated rubber, chlorinated paraffin and etc.

·Technical specification

Test ltems




Test Method

Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters

Softening point



ISO 4625


ron-cobalt color umber



ISO 4630

Acidity value




ISO 3682

Hydroxyl value




ISO 4629





DIN 53479

Different models are available dependent on softening point,supply on customer request.
Usage of aledhydes ketones resin product

A Printing ink industry



Used in plastic surface printing ink,plastic compound ink,aluminum foil ink,bright silver card/paper ink,anti-falsification ink,adhesive thin slice ink,transparent ink,thermal transfer ink and etc,improve the glossness,adhesion,leveling and fast drying feature.

Recommend aprox.2%-5%

Used in solvent type gravure,flexible plate and screen printing and other printing ink,improve the pigment wetting,glossness,printability and solid content of ink.

Recommend aprox .3%-8%

Used in varnish for tobacco bix,paper,leather,shoes,nails and tipping paper ink, improve glossness,adhesion,fast drying,printability and etc.

Recommend aprox . 5%-10%

Used in ball-pen ink to realize certain rheological property,prevent ink drying in pens and improve the fast-drying performance after writing.


Used in heat-resistant milk package ink and other heat resistant ink product.

Recommend aprox .1%-5%

Used in ink and lake to make roll type,woven type and fiber type pen-use ink with superior water


Combined with phenylethylene modified acrylic resin to produce color powder for copier use.


B Paint industry



Used to produce clear and color paint for wood material and fast-polish wood use primer.


Used in nitryl-paint for metal,improve solid content,glossness and adhesion of product.


Used as machines finish coating paint,primer and refinish paint,has strong adhesion with steel,copper,aluminum,zinc and other metals.Used in nitryl cellulose and cellulose acetate type paper paint,improve fast-drying,water-whiteness,glossness and flexibility,wearing-resistance and scrubbing-resistance to get high-resilient surface.


Added into baking paint to reduce drying time and improve the fast-drying performance of the paint.


Used in chlorinated rubber paint and Vinyl chloride copolymer paint,reduce viscosity,increase adhesion,reduce film bubble and improve glossness.

Replace up to 10%
of base material

Used in polyurethane based products,improve the water resistance,heat resistance and corrosion resistance of products.


Applicable to nitro-lacquer,plastic paint,acrylic resin paint,hammer tone paint,automotive clear paint,automotive refinish paint,motorcycle paint,bicycle paint and other kinds of paint,improve the satiety,hardness and impact resistance of paint coating.


C Adhesive and other industries

Aldehydes ketones resin is the ideal addition of nitryl cellulose adhesives, used to adhere
textile, leather, paper and other similar materials.

Heat stability feature of aldehydes ketones resin makes it applicable to heat melt compound
containing acetyl-butyl cellulose to control the heat melting viscosity and hardness of cooling
block.In that case,the heat melt items can be used to protect the machinery parts of tools.

Aldehydes ketones resin is soluble in ethanol and has reasonably hardness, is the ideal material
to make polish agent and wood pieces surface processing agent.

Aldehydes ketones resin can be used as waterproof agent of textile during washing.

Aldehydes ketones resin can be used in polyurethane-based components adhesive to improve the
adhesion, glossness, water resistance and weather resistance of products.

Irregular slice or particle,packed in paper plastic compound bag,net weight 25 kg per bag.
·Storage and shipping
Ship under light-free,dry and room temperature contidion.
·Shelf life
1 year since manufacturing date.


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