Universal aldehyde resin series
Aldehydes ketones resin
HZ-001 hydroxyl vinyl chloride-acetate tripolymer
HZ-002 carboxyl vinyl chloride-acetate tripolymer
HZ-110 Resin used as plastic coating
HZ-170 Resin used on tobacco packaging ink
HZ-520 Resin used as adhesion of nylon

HZ-002carboxyl vinyl chloride-acetate tripolymer

Characteristic: Because of containing carboxyl functional group, HZ-002 resin has excellent adhesion on metal, especially on aluminum foil. Due To containing PVC, HZ-002 has good corrosion resistance to alkali, acid, salt water and salt fog, and also has excellent erosion resistance to oil and alcohol.
Scope of application: Be mainly used as top paint (such as repaired paint), marine paint, metal paint, aluminum foil varnish, heat-seal packaging coating and heat-seal adhesive.
Main technical index (parameters):
Appearance: white or yellowish powder.
Volatiles: less than 1%
Specific gravity(view): 0.45~0.5
Viscosity value: 50±2
Reference usage: It is well soluble in? ketone compounds, ester and its mixture. And it is also soluble in chlorinated hydrocarbons, nitryl compounds and cyclic esters.
Package: 25Kg net woven bags or compound bags, with inner plastic bags.
Notice: To select the usage according to customer different demands. For meeting the demands, it is necessary to have enough experiments before use.
Guarantee period: 12 months in 5~35℃, to avoid high-temperature insolation and low-temperature refrigeration.
Illustration: The user information is true, but we can’t guarantee to meet every customer demands. It can be greatly used after the best technique and usage are ascertained by extensive experimentation. The instruction doesn’t serve as a proof to bear legal liability.

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